The Benefits of Content Marketing

In the infant stages of the internet, online marketing was mainly done on a tight budget. However, as the years have progressed, it has now become cheaper and easier than ever to brand your company utilizing social media and content marketing. Instead of clumsily force-feeding unsubtle sales pitches, you now have to develop an organic relationship with customers via quality content. Content marketing involves providing constant information to your audience through blog posts, newsletters, how-to guides, e-books and social media. Because the most popular social media websites are free, your internet-based thumbprint can effortlessly thrive.

Ugly, ungainly and impractical advertising banners (a costly internet advertising practice thankfully left in the past) have now been replaced with interesting blog posts, educational articles, attractive infographics and knowledgeable press releases. These forms of online engagement cause more organic traffic, and you can market and brand a company with time and effort.

Setting up the three main social media platforms – Facebook, Google+ and Twitter – and then updating and expanding them once a day by providing new, unique and intriguing content will start you on the right path. However, you must also ensure that your website boasts a clean design and is exceedingly easy to use. Make sure your business possesses a distinctive logo that will enhance your branding efforts. If your site is not appealing to the eyes and instead looks overly complicated, no amount of charming social marketing will save you.

One of the most effective ways of increasing traffic is to set up a weekly blog for your site. After all, the more high-quality content your company provides, the more likely your company will appear on search engines. Two of the biggest and most widespread advertising mistakes relating to online blog posts are as follows:

1. Forcing content to match the product: Many companies will post blog articles that have nothing to do with their products, or instead “spin” the content so that it (poorly) matches other previously posted content. Ultimately, this will come across looking unnatural. Essentially, tenuous content will turn readers off very quickly.

2. Simply pitching the product directly in the content of the article: A well-written blog post is supposed to be an understated marketing tactic that informs readers about a certain subject with entertaining content. You should never try to blatantly sell a certain product or service by giving links to the shopping cart page. This will look spammy and your words will probably be ignored. Articles need to be on-point, concise and interesting, without looking too “advertise-y”.

If you are doing your online marketing correctly, your readers will look forward to your weekly newsletter, or get excited reading your daily blog post. Something you have written might answer a question they had and brighten up the rest of their day. Perhaps the downloadable how-to guide you offered helped your audience successfully solve a particular problem they’ve battled over the last few weeks. In these kinds of examples, the customer is actively looking for information that can assist them. Because you’ve helped them, this may lead to “brand-loyalty” and a deeper appreciation of the product or service that your company offers.

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SMS Text Messaging to Grow Your Business

Today is an ever so quickly evolving technological world. Just a decade ago, we had mobile phones as big as laptops. Business has gone from filing paper and printing forms for every single action; to going digital and paperless for just about anything. This is where SMS “direct to consumer” marketing comes to the fore. You would easily remember the days of having to mail paper applications and forms, to everywhere and going from door to door to every single business and company.

Now if you were to go out and try the exact same thing, the majority of them will tell you to go online and put in an application because the world has literally turned digital and although the world of telemarketing may not be dead, it’s not nearly as profitable as it used to be. This is where SMS marketing has all the advantages and minimum costs. What businesses don’t fully realize is that now more consumers are starting to use their mobile phones to go online than computers or laptops.

Social networking sites remain one of the top uses of the internet and the majority of users are not logging in via their computer, but using a mobile phone or iPad to check the weather, their e-mail, shop, check their messages. It can be highly beneficial to small businesses to not invest in hiring an expensive consultant to do all of your text message marketing, but using many of the Do-It-Yourself budget SMS and Email messaging marketing platforms to promote directly effectively to their customer base. This type of marketing methodology has now become a revolution in the way businesses Market their businesses.

The high cost of many media types have a become an economic barrier to entry for many Small Businesses to successfully advertise in an increasingly crowded market place. High competition between larger businesses effectively crowds out small business owners attempting to get their products or services known. This dilemma is solved by strategically marketing to their customer base. Potentially this is the very reason why small businesses can target accurately their market via the digital world of SMS and Email marketing.

Very large enterprises already take advantage of this approach and have already discovered how extremely cost effective this is compared to other media types. The truth is it costs a lot to hire someone to cold call people or to maintain an email list and constantly send out updated news bulletins or advertising promotions. SMS marketing is then potentially extremely cost effective, being a fraction of the cost compared to more traditional media types… i.e. TV, newspaper, radio, yellow pages, outdoor, etc or as compared to hiring someone to do cold telephone calls or more traditional direct selling like door to door sales. It’s absolutely current state of play in Direct to Consumer Marketing – Mobile phones and other hand held devices are what are currently used by Consumers and this powerful trend is not going anywhere. The world trend is indicative of this rapid growth rate in the double digits and evidence shows clearly that this growth will continue. Consumers once used to use hand held radios to communicate with one another. This was when mobile phones were still a new concept to many families, but now consumers live on their mobile phones.

So if you are unsure if SMS marketing is right for your business? Whether you’re on a budget or you’re on a very wide budget, you will find the conversion ratio of selling people products through SMS texting is much higher [running at about 6.2%]; rather than cold canvass calling, door to door sales and traditional direct marketing like handing out fliers. These are VERY tough economies, especially for small businesses that are still trying to grow their business. Over half of “new start ups” after 12 to 18 months are failing in most first world economies. Which is why Small Businesses potentially need to quickly adopt current “state of art” marketing practices or face the music?

Small businesses need to adopt current Direct Marketing Strategies quickly to continue growing their business in difficult economic environments. The research indicates that SMS marketing has extremely high readership rate of 96% and a conversion rate on sales of 6.2%, Early adopter type small businesses owners can do promotional campaigns easily and cost effectively and compete directly with large businesses on equal terms, thereby leveling the playing field.

Are You Ready to Take Your Business on the Road?

Are you promoting your online store at all?

Business owners flock to social media as a their complete marketing plan. Social media platforms are great and wonderful to meet new people. These platforms are not always the first choice to build sales conversion but to create awareness. Don’t allow the hype of social media platforms to fool you into believing that you’ll hit unimaginable sales goals because you exist on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I love these platforms but please understand their purpose: awareness.

Businesses are beginning to approach clients by hosting parties to capitalize on face to face with their target market. Home parties have been around for ages and are not going away anytime soon. We’ve seen Mary Kay parties to Cabo parties. I’ve seen products from coffee, makeup to fashion forward clothing. This approach helps you to build a relationship with the prospects and display your personality while conducting your presentation.

3 Keys to a Better Home Show and Relationship Building:

Prepare – Plan out the expectations of the event. We know that direct selling is a game of numbers. If you are looking for a minimum of 10 guest to show up then expect to invite 50-60 via professional invitations.

Incentive – Be sure to notify host and guest that prices are available just for showing up and participating. We all love a free gift no matter what it’s worth. Be prepared to offer gifts for the 1st guest who arrived and participants of a your games of choice.

Follow up – The fruit is in the follow-up. Be sure to collect all participants contact information to ensure that you have a way to stay connected with them. They may have a friend that show interest in your product and know someone willing to host a party.

When you’re in a comforting atmosphere such as someone’s home then it’s easier to build relationships with small crowds. This is why companies like Mary Kay, Tupperware parties and Silpada jewelry have become successful in reaching goals set by each individual marketing representative. 68% of sales in the direct selling industry attributes success to person-to-person and face to face interaction. And coming in strong 2nd place is party planning or hosting parties.

The direct selling industry has produced a $31 billion dollar industry and looking to continue to grow as individuals are looking for additional revenue streams. This information is great as you introduce prospects to join your organization if they enjoyed your presentation. Remember to stay focused on the goals that you’ve set for yourself. Keep implementing different marketing strategies into your business and you’ll see growth each time.

Online Network Marketing Strategy

A lot of people find network marketing a hard nut to crack. In this day and age there are a lot of challenges that go with owning and growing your network marketing business. How can you separate yourself from the masses of people that are selling the same products, the same business opportunity and the same company as you?

How can you work smarter and give yourself an unfair advantage in a very competitive market place?

The problem with offline network marketing, Is that you’re competing with hundreds if not thousands of other distributors equipped with the same tools, systems, sales pitches, training as you do. The increase in competition makes it easy to slip into insignificance in the vast sea of network marketing distributors.

But really, there are challenges everywhere in network marketing, whether it is the increase in legal over site by your network marketing company. Or the decrease in attention span of this generation because of the bombardment with internet, Ads and entertainment.

The Online Marketing Strategy

So how do we conquer these pitfalls of the MLM industry? How do we separate ourselves from the sea of distributors already fighting for leads and recognition from potential prospects?

The solution to the offline network marketing problems is the “You INC” Business model

This network marketing strategy revolutionized the way network marketers build businesses in the internet age.

The “You INC” business Model means that we build your entire business around you as a person, Instead of just a network marketing opportunity. You name, your face, your personality, your words, your actions, your energy become your business and your brand. Your Network marketing business becomes a small piece of the “You INC”

The “You INC” strategy works on selling yourself as a sponsor, as a lead and as someone who has real value to offer your new distributors, Instead of just a business opportunity like everybody else.

To do this, you have to provide real value through a medium of communication. Say for example a blog, a YouTube channel, social media sites and the list goes on. The strategy consists of creating an audience that want to listen to you because you provide them with value and solve their problems.

People want to join your down-line because they see that you have value, you’re capable of solving their problems and most of all that you are a leader who has real value to offer your new distributors.

The “You INC” Business Model Put Simply

The marketing strategy boils down to 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Build a List

Step 2: Building a relationship with the people on that list

Step 3: Market to your list

That’s also the heart of most internet marketing strategies put. But that’s really it. Network marketing this way gets around a lot of legal issues with some companies. Allot of companies

You’ve probably heard before that “You money is in your list” or something similar to that. But that’s not true… the money is in the relationship you have with the people in your list. Your list is your distribution channel. The relationship you create with your list is your business.

Doing things this way also helps you get around legal issues with some companies. By marketing yourself and collecting people’s opt-in contact information allows you to talk to prospects on the back end of your business about your business opportunity all you like without risk of violating company online rules.

The better you get at serving others, the more money

You’ll make. If all you ever do is focus on what you want on your business opportunity or selling your products then you’ll never get anywhere


Create a platform where you can create valuable content, Market your Blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page or whatever else you’ve chosen 
Build a following and build your list 
Build a relationship with your list 
Market to your list 
That’s it put very simply.

5 Tips To Consider When Setting Up a Dental Marketing Plan

Dental marketing can be a challenge at first for those who are trying to incorporate the most modern marketing techniques into a practice, especially when most dentists do not have any marketing backgrounds.

Here are 5 tips to consider when incorporating and investing money into a dental marketing plan:

1. Do NOT do what everyone else is doing.

In my consulting meetings with dentists, I ask the team to write down 3 things that you do differently than every other practice, and it turns out that everybody is writing down the same things.

You need to be different and address areas of the market where nobody else is investing, so keep that in mind when spending on marketing.

2. Generic website and SEO companies may not always be the solution.

Many SEO and website design companies are charging and arm and a leg to get dental offices to invest in their services. And then they just use a standard template, with similar pictures as other offices, utilizing the same SEO standards as every other practice in your area.

Everyone can not be #1 on Google for the same search term, so you have to be realistic in your expectations to get traffic from the SEO companies.

3. Just because you rank #1 in certain SEO terms, it doesn’t mean that people are searching for that.

For instance, if your SEO company says that you rank #1 for the term “Seattle Dental Office,” and you check with the search results and find that less than 100 people per month are searching for that term, it might not be a good term to rank for.

The key is to rank high for terms that people are actually searching for, so make sure you check to see a print out list of which are the highest searched terms for the service that you provide.

4. Social media marketing can work, but can be costly if done improperly.

Facebook ads are great, but you need to set limits for your spending and make sure you see the return on investment.

5. Direct mail is NOT dead, despite what the SEO companies tell you.

Yes, most people are online right now, but make sure you get multiple opinions on a dental marketing plan before you dive in and invest.

You should also consider not putting all your eggs into 1 basket – if you invest in online dental marketing, also make sure you spend some money on direct mail pieces.

Things like postcards, hand-written envelopes, and special “out-of-the-ordinary” packaging works best and has a great response and return on investment!

Bonus tip: There is a certain market of people in almost every market that no one is marketing to, and may people fail to market to these people directly. And this certain group of people are looking for a dentist.

How Email Marketing Benefits Businesses

E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing, which is used to communicate for commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience. Email marketing concept has dynamically changed the companies’ style of marketing of their businesses. Email helps companies speak or express any fresh idea or info more quickly and happily than ever in the past. Similarly, it helps companies by decreasing their burden in form of thrift and keeping record of every communication. Following are some benefits of email marketing when it is done in a proper way;

1. Target big Audiences

Using the help of email marketing, companies can now send them to a bigger group with just a single mouse click. This service is of more advantage for conveying any breaking news to a bigger number of persons quickly. It gives you the chance to work with your potential customers, getting their attention and cheering them to do more for your email updates.

2. Follow Up Sales

If someone buys a product from you and you have other related products – such as sports goods, you can take help of emails to send them info about relevant products to those they have previously purchased. Similarly, it can be used for services. This type of promotion is known as ‘Up-Sell’ and is very useful.

3. Eliminates Distance Barriers

Through email, businesses who are working from diverse nations can also exchange their words with much more ease. These days, the moment you clicked on the sent button, your message is delivered instantly to the inbox of the receiver. In the past, the process of sending or receiving letters takes days or even weeks. This results in pointless delay in decision-making procedure. Instead, emails immediately communicates the essential information to any member irrespective of any barrier.

4. Get Feedback

Emails can also be used to get feedback from customers, from prospective customers and from common users of your website. This feedback is then used to determine various factors like what the choices of people are, and what changes they would like done. Many big companies uses this method.

5. Helps in Increasing Revenue (Profit)

Emails can also be used as an effective marketing campaign. If you have acquired email addresses of your potential customers through different means such as surveys, you can use these email addresses. This is because, sometimes people are diverted while going through a website and forget to visit the website another time – however, with an email, you can reach the customer directly. People give more attention to email rather than other marketing methods.

6. Track Conversations

Emails facilitate organizations by maintaining track of conversations between two parties. The “Reply” button facility available in this communications keeps a record of previous emails. This is a sort of proof, in case of any dispute on what is communicated once and by whom. For instance, employers can use them as proof of any misconduct or wrongful acts performed by staff. Hence, one must take care once communication via email, as every single one of them are recorded.

Email marketing is something that has gain impressive popularity in the recent past especially among business circles. An email campaign is among the most powerful weapons in online campaign strategy. Do not waste the chance and try to make the most of every message.

Catalog and Marketing Tips

Catalogs are great sales tools, designed to generate leads or direct sales. Many businesses still use catalogs to market, list and sell their services and products. They may offer their catalog on a flash drive or CD but it’s still a catalog. Most still find it easier to flip through a printed version. In this world of social media and e-mails catalogs are still a very popular and effective way of advertising your services, business, and products. For many, a catalog is a key tool in their marketing plan, enhancing other initiatives like email and social marketing and other printed products, such as brochures, flyers and postcards. Catalogs are also a great way to present a lot of information to your customers and potential customers. Studies have shown catalogs last longer in businesses and homes of customers, where they scan and refer back to them for ordering and product knowledge, keeping your product, services, and company information in front of them.

Before you jump off the deep end and print a catalog there are some things you need to know:

1. Research, Research… and then maybe do a little more Research

Do you know who your target audience is? If not, you need to figure that out. Evaluate whom you want to send your catalog out to in order to obtain the most return on your investment. BEFORE you do anything else ask yourself the following questions:

A) what age groups are I targeting? 
B) am I marketing to a male/female group? 
C) what income level is my target audience (if applicable)? 
D) if targeting businesses – what type business would use or benefit from my product or services? Make an extensive list. 
E) is there a specific geographic area? Ex. 50 mile radius

Additionally, survey your customers to find out more about what they purchase, would they like to see you carry any other products/services? Ask them if you have good customer service or do you need to improve? Your goal should be to provide to your ideal customers something they find beneficial and valuable, while at the same time providing excellent customer service. Without good customer service you can forget it. Customers want and expect good customer service.

2. Details, Details, Details

OK, you’ve done your home work and you now know who your target audience is. You probably thought the hard part was over. Sorry, it’s just beginning! Now that you have determined who your target audience is you need to figure out what products or services you want to include in your catalog in order to obtain the most return on your investment. Pricing for catalogs has gotten much more economical with new printing methods but you still don’t want to waste your time or money. Review your sales reports, and see what your top selling products are. Do you have a new line of products you want to introduce? Are there any new products you want to add from customer requests? How many pages would you like your catalog to be?

Do you previously have a catalog? If so, review it with all this in mind and edit it.

3. Location, Location, Location

We have all gone into stores, and notice the “best sellers” are placed near eye-level, usually in a prominent location so that they get your attention. Think of your catalog in the same way. You want your “best sellers” or maybe your new items to be placed in a prominent location with a very flattering layout and nice clean copy. They would probably appear near the front of the book, unless you do a really nice center page layout.

4. Copy, Copy, Copy

As well as making your catalog look good visually you want to make sure you write good catalog copy that sells. In order to create good copy you must understand why customers buy from catalogs. Below are six reasons customers purchase from catalogs:

A. Saving money is the number one motivator for anyone to order your product or services instead of your competitor’s. Your catalog should stress cost savings. Place this on your cover, on your order form, on every page of your catalog, on each item where it is applicable. Get creative if you can retail vs. your price.

B. The buyer wants to make sure they are buying the correct product from a trustworthy vendor. How do they determine this?

Make sure your copy has clear and concise specs for all products or services listed.

Use testimonials. Include quotations from satisfied customers who praise your products or services in your catalog.

Guarantee. Offer a refund or replacement, if your product or services should fail to perform as promised. Remember – offer good quality customer service.

List a few facts about your company or product – years in the business, number of employees, number of locations, annual sales, etc.

C. Customers buy products for a few reasons: to resell the products at a profit, as a gift, or to use them for their business, personal, or home. In your catalog copy you must stress the benefit your customer will receive by purchasing from you. How he can make money, save money, quality service, an exceptional quality product, streamline production. You get the idea.

D. Have you ever heard the saying “If it’s free it’s for me?” Everybody likes freebies – it doesn’t matter if they are a business executive, a group of buyers accustomed to freebies, or your sweet little ‘ole grandmother. Your catalog could offer the buyer a free gift in exchange for his order. If you do this display the gift prominently on the cover and make sure it’s a personal gift, not a discount or gift of merchandise to the company.

Popular gift items might include a gift card, pen and pencil sets, flash drive, calculators, mugs, charger, stylus pen, pedometer, T-shirts, or stress balls. Get creative, if you have a unique or popular item use that shape or idea. Ex. An electric company could give away a nightlight in the shape of a light bulb or if you promote a “better idea” in your catalog you could utilize a light bulb shape.

E. Fulfill a Need or Want. A good catalog is a tool to use in order to obtain valuable and much needed information regarding the product. The more your catalog and its contents fulfill a need or service, the more likely the buyer is to order from you – again and again and again.

F. Solutions; your buyer isn’t looking for a specific product. He’s not you ask… he’s looking for a solution to a problem he or she has. Take advantage of this, be a problem solver. Have products or services in your catalog that show you can solve their problem, save them time and money. Again, stress the benefit to them. Offer convenience, make it easy. Can you say Cha ching!

Now that you are aware of what they are looking for it’s time for you to learn what makes for good copy. Be descriptive, paint them a picture, be precise, clear, and specific. Don’t be too technical unless the product requires you to be. State benefits or problem solving features for each item or service. Don’t crowd your pages, keep it nice looking and easy to read. Pick a clean font and easy to read colors. Keep in mind your catalog pages must be divisible by four unless you want to have a blank page for notes.

Make it easy for them to order. List a web site, phone number, e-mail, any contact information where they may place an order. Make it very clear. Some companies put the contact/order information on the bottom of every page of their catalogs. If you only put your contact/order information in one or two places make your order/contact info very prominent. Make sure it stands out.

Oh and did I mention, tell them how your products or services will benefit them. Stress what’s in it for them.

5. Follow up… Check back

OK, you’ve sent your catalog out so now you can sit back, relax, put you feet up and just wait for those orders to roll in. NOT! Your catalog may be out to your distributors, on desktops, counters or in the hands of the customer, but that does not mean it is doing everything it can for you. You have invested a lot of time and money so you want to make the most of this marketing piece. Customers are overwhelmed with advertising. You don’t want your catalog to get lost in the shuffle. There are several ways to get your catalog noticed. Follow up with sales calls, phone calls, e-mails, or frequent mailings of flyers or postcards to keep your name, product or service at the forefront. Remind them about any special offers, those freebies we talked about above, new products, services, or brands that are in your catalog. Keep marketing, driving attention back to your catalog.

6. Analyze – (yes, you heard me right)

Now for some detective work. Analyze the performance of your catalog. This is where many people fail. This is a very important part of your catalog marketing project or any marketing effort. Keep a spread sheet, track all of your results noting what worked and what didn’t; what sold, what didn’t? Be very specific. Did my sales go up? What products sold, what didn’t? Check with some of those very good customers you have, get their feedback. This is a critical tool for all future catalogs or marketing efforts. You don’t want to repeat products, copy, or efforts that weren’t successful. Remember, evaluate everything; not just the products, services, or copy you have included in your catalog but whom it was sent to, the time of year it was sent out, the colors used in the printing, are the pages clear and concise, and any other items you can scrutinize to improve your catalog. Keep editing and tweeking.

How Do I Get More Leads To Grow My Business?

Leads are an essential growth component of every business. A constant stream of leads is one element of many that creates sustainability within a small business. Leads can come from many places. A business owner should have at least three different places that generate lead flow. One of the first places I like to see leads come from is your website. The site should be optimized and search engine friendly. Positioning your website to be on the first page of Google will produce qualified prospects who want what you sell. The only thing the prospect will need is more information to make a buying decision.

Advertising is another way a business owner can generate a lead. Understanding how to leverage the strategic side of marketing can help achieve phenomenal results. Too many business owners are quick to say direct mail, social media, radio or TV doesn’t work. It was not the medium (tactical side of marketing) that failed you; it was what you said and how you said it (the strategic side) that failed you. Once the business owner understands how to effectively convey the value they provide, generating a lead is a breeze.

Prospecting is the act of generating leads without advertising. Prospecting could involve calling a target list or foot canvassing in a specific area. Do you have marketing materials? Prospects need time to make an informed decision at the speed their brain can process information. You telling them everything during a sales visit will not always be enough. A marketing piece (leave behind) that can support the prospects decision-making process will move them along the sales process and ultimately compel them to buy.

Having sales collateral allows your information to be shared with someone the prospect knows who may need your product or service right now. Where I see small business owners over look an opportunity in their marketing material is their business card. Offer more than just your contact and website info. Provide a link on your business card that leads to a video or free report that can educate and move a prospect along the sales process.

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend on creating leads, networking is an excellent solution to create new opportunities to obtain new business. Attend networking events and engage contacts strategically. Your goal is to connect with the people in the room who have relationships with referral partners who are already doing business with your potential clients. Please do not attend these events looking to sell to the people in the room. Go with the goal of getting connected to your target. The power words here are strategic alliance. Please don’t be selfish, once someone has offered to introduce you to someone in their network, be sure to ask them, “How can I help you?”

9 Ways to Advertise Your Business With Flyers

Flyers and postcards are a very inexpensive way to market your business and if you well done can be effective. Here is 9 ways you can use a flyer:

1. Menu

For restaurants a menu is a good way to advertise your business. It is an inexpensive mandatory printed material and makes a great “take out menu”. When printing your menu on a cardstock flyer it is all in the design, because you printed a cheap flyer doesn’t mean it has to look cheap! Save on the printing cost and hire a professional graphic designer, visuals are very important in the food industry.

2. Coupon

A flyer makes a great coupon and if done properly will pay for itself with the new business it will bring in. Design the flyer to have an offer as well as all your contact information. The last thing you want to send out a great deal and the client or prospect have no idea where you are located or how to contact you. The offer could be a fixed number or a percentage off.

3. Product Information

Use a full color flyer for product information which you can display in your store, use at tradeshows, leave at other locations, and/or distribute to clients and prospects. For a product information card images are very important as well as a good description of the product or service in order to be effective.

4. Invitations

There is no more inexpensive way to print a full color invitation then a flyer. Invite customers and prospects to your locations as often as you can. Use the flyer to drop off in stores around your community and at your business to hand out to customers and future customers.

5. Opening a New Business

You have taken a leap of faith and are now opening your business, congratulations! The only problem is that if no one else knows it is not very good. Create a “We are open” flyer to hand out to friends and people in the community; let as many people know about your new business!

6. Postcard

You can use a flyer as a full color postcard to mail to customers and prospects as often as you can. It is a very effective and affordable way to communicate to a group of people efficiently without breaking the bank. Of course this requires a budget for the mailing service as well.

7. Events

You can print cheap flyers either for parties and nightclubs but also for corporate events. Whether you are having an open house, a block party, a charity event, a tradeshow, or any other event a full color printed flyer is a must. If it is also within your budget make sure you use advertise your events with a mailer as well.

8. Mailer

Commercial printing allows you to send out cheap flyers as often as possible without much labor on your part. In our days it is just a matter of including a mailing label within the graphic design and voila! A mailer only requires you to work on the content of your flyer, take advantage of it.

9. EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

An EDDM is all in the design and most commercial printers can handle the service. Use your Every Door Direct Mail to communicate specials, new products or new services and events to your community.

These are only nine ways to use a full color custom flyer, but there are so many more ideas and options. Just make sure to incorporate flyers in your marketing strategy as often as possible.

Trust Marketing for Small Businesses

If you are a person who is looking to have some great tips for your small budget business then you are in for some great luck as you can find some of the most trusted as well as proven small budget tips for marketing your business here. These ideas can surely make up the difference for you that you might have not even imagined before. They are given as follows:

  • Pay Attention to Content

This is something which is almost very obvious now. It is because if you pay attention to have some really awesome content then you will surely attract a lot of prospects that will eventually give you true sales. Thus, make sure that you have quality based content which is actually helpful to know about you or your product / service being offered.

  • Make Videos

Many people might not pay enough attention to it but the fact is that people are more attracted to buy a service or product when it has some great instructional videos for use or those that show the product or service clearly. Thus, make sure you spend some amount clearly on this aspect to make people have faith in you and build a trusted relationship.

  • Get Those Promos

Getting real advertisement promos can be quite out of budget but there is still good news because there are many places on social media where these ads and their posting are free through some promotions and deals. So make sure you don’t miss out any chance on these as they are available quite often to get you the best marketing.

  • Remember Reddit

Redddit is a very smart way to go with marketing because Reddit can help all people to brush up any marketing skills that have been applied. Reddit makes use of these skills to utilize them in the best possible way so make sure you don’t forget this place for marketing at all.

  • Get into Networking

This is the best way to stay updated and keep people updated about your business too. Thus, make sure that you are truly active and available on almost all social media platforms for people to know about your business and get their queries answered as well too.

The above specified marketing tips for small businesses will surely prove to you their credibility in the least amount of time, so get started to get benefiting from them right now!