Are You Ready to Take Your Business on the Road?

Are you promoting your online store at all?

Business owners flock to social media as a their complete marketing plan. Social media platforms are great and wonderful to meet new people. These platforms are not always the first choice to build sales conversion but to create awareness. Don’t allow the hype of social media platforms to fool you into believing that you’ll hit unimaginable sales goals because you exist on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I love these platforms but please understand their purpose: awareness.

Businesses are beginning to approach clients by hosting parties to capitalize on face to face with their target market. Home parties have been around for ages and are not going away anytime soon. We’ve seen Mary Kay parties to Cabo parties. I’ve seen products from coffee, makeup to fashion forward clothing. This approach helps you to build a relationship with the prospects and display your personality while conducting your presentation.

3 Keys to a Better Home Show and Relationship Building:

Prepare – Plan out the expectations of the event. We know that direct selling is a game of numbers. If you are looking for a minimum of 10 guest to show up then expect to invite 50-60 via professional invitations.

Incentive – Be sure to notify host and guest that prices are available just for showing up and participating. We all love a free gift no matter what it’s worth. Be prepared to offer gifts for the 1st guest who arrived and participants of a your games of choice.

Follow up – The fruit is in the follow-up. Be sure to collect all participants contact information to ensure that you have a way to stay connected with them. They may have a friend that show interest in your product and know someone willing to host a party.

When you’re in a comforting atmosphere such as someone’s home then it’s easier to build relationships with small crowds. This is why companies like Mary Kay, Tupperware parties and Silpada jewelry have become successful in reaching goals set by each individual marketing representative. 68% of sales in the direct selling industry attributes success to person-to-person and face to face interaction. And coming in strong 2nd place is party planning or hosting parties.

The direct selling industry has produced a $31 billion dollar industry and looking to continue to grow as individuals are looking for additional revenue streams. This information is great as you introduce prospects to join your organization if they enjoyed your presentation. Remember to stay focused on the goals that you’ve set for yourself. Keep implementing different marketing strategies into your business and you’ll see growth each time.