SMS Text Messaging to Grow Your Business

Today is an ever so quickly evolving technological world. Just a decade ago, we had mobile phones as big as laptops. Business has gone from filing paper and printing forms for every single action; to going digital and paperless for just about anything. This is where SMS “direct to consumer” marketing comes to the fore. You would easily remember the days of having to mail paper applications and forms, to everywhere and going from door to door to every single business and company.

Now if you were to go out and try the exact same thing, the majority of them will tell you to go online and put in an application because the world has literally turned digital and although the world of telemarketing may not be dead, it’s not nearly as profitable as it used to be. This is where SMS marketing has all the advantages and minimum costs. What businesses don’t fully realize is that now more consumers are starting to use their mobile phones to go online than computers or laptops.

Social networking sites remain one of the top uses of the internet and the majority of users are not logging in via their computer, but using a mobile phone or iPad to check the weather, their e-mail, shop, check their messages. It can be highly beneficial to small businesses to not invest in hiring an expensive consultant to do all of your text message marketing, but using many of the Do-It-Yourself budget SMS and Email messaging marketing platforms to promote directly effectively to their customer base. This type of marketing methodology has now become a revolution in the way businesses Market their businesses.

The high cost of many media types have a become an economic barrier to entry for many Small Businesses to successfully advertise in an increasingly crowded market place. High competition between larger businesses effectively crowds out small business owners attempting to get their products or services known. This dilemma is solved by strategically marketing to their customer base. Potentially this is the very reason why small businesses can target accurately their market via the digital world of SMS and Email marketing.

Very large enterprises already take advantage of this approach and have already discovered how extremely cost effective this is compared to other media types. The truth is it costs a lot to hire someone to cold call people or to maintain an email list and constantly send out updated news bulletins or advertising promotions. SMS marketing is then potentially extremely cost effective, being a fraction of the cost compared to more traditional media types… i.e. TV, newspaper, radio, yellow pages, outdoor, etc or as compared to hiring someone to do cold telephone calls or more traditional direct selling like door to door sales. It’s absolutely current state of play in Direct to Consumer Marketing – Mobile phones and other hand held devices are what are currently used by Consumers and this powerful trend is not going anywhere. The world trend is indicative of this rapid growth rate in the double digits and evidence shows clearly that this growth will continue. Consumers once used to use hand held radios to communicate with one another. This was when mobile phones were still a new concept to many families, but now consumers live on their mobile phones.

So if you are unsure if SMS marketing is right for your business? Whether you’re on a budget or you’re on a very wide budget, you will find the conversion ratio of selling people products through SMS texting is much higher [running at about 6.2%]; rather than cold canvass calling, door to door sales and traditional direct marketing like handing out fliers. These are VERY tough economies, especially for small businesses that are still trying to grow their business. Over half of “new start ups” after 12 to 18 months are failing in most first world economies. Which is why Small Businesses potentially need to quickly adopt current “state of art” marketing practices or face the music?

Small businesses need to adopt current Direct Marketing Strategies quickly to continue growing their business in difficult economic environments. The research indicates that SMS marketing has extremely high readership rate of 96% and a conversion rate on sales of 6.2%, Early adopter type small businesses owners can do promotional campaigns easily and cost effectively and compete directly with large businesses on equal terms, thereby leveling the playing field.